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We have four table grades of Vermont Maple Syrup. The word "grades" means the standards for maple syrup promulgated through regulation by the Vermont Department of Agriculture. These standards are the official grades of Vermont Maple Syrup for the state of Vermont. All of our syrup grades are the same relative price.

  • Vermont Fancy

  • Lightest in color and has a very lite, delicate maple taste.

  • Vermont Medium Amber

  • Is a little darker in color than fancy and has a slightly heavier maple taste. When people are getting a gift for a friend and do not know what grade to get them, we recommend VT Medium Amber.

  • Vermont Dark Amber

  • Is a little darker in color than medium amber and has a more robust maple flavor. When people have a chance to taste our four grades, this is one of their favorites.

  • Vermont Grade B

  • Is the darkest of the four table grades and has the strongest maple taste of them all. More and more people that sample our syrup are taking home VT Grade B. These people like the strong VT maple flavor. When the grade of maple syrup darkens and we start to draw off grade B, we taste every batch for the good maple flavor. As the maple sugaring season draws closer to the end, the maple flavor will start to change. The buds on the maple tree are growing at a faster rate, because the weather is warming up and the excellent maple flavor will turn to a rancid buds taste. The maple syrup is called grade C which is used as additive for you know what? 2%

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