Here you can find prices on our various sized containers of maple syrup. There are four grades of maple syrup we sell. The four grades are Grade A Golden Delicate Taste, Grade A Amber Rich Taste, Grade A Dark Robust Taste, and Grade A Very Dark Strong Taste. Your purchase may be shipped any where. (Cost of container and shipping charge).

Maple Products Price List


Maple Grades

We have four table grades of Vermont Maple Syrup. The word “grades” means the standards for maple syrup promulgated through regulation by the Vermont Department of Agriculture. These standards are the official grades of Vermont Maple Syrup for the state of Vermont. All of our syrup grades are the same relative price.

Golden Color with Delicate Taste

Usually made at the beginning of the new maple season, this syrup was once graded as Fancy.

Amber Color with Rich Taste

Usually made about mid-season and is popular for all around use.

Dark Color with Robust Taste

As the maple season progresses, the syrup darkens in color and develops a more robust maple flavor.

Very Dark Color with Strong Taste

Produced at the end of the season, this grade is perfect for cooking and baking…and pancakes, too!