AUGUST, 2011: Here is our current wine tasting list:

SUGARHOUSE WHITE: Our dry Riesling has nice citrusy aromatics, lemon and lime zest and mineral finish. Pairs well with fish, seafood, or spicy Thai or Chinese cuisine.
$12 +tax

PINOT GRIS: Our dry, crisp and acidic Pinot Gris has a lovely finish with citrus flavors and mineral aromas. Pair this with seafood, light pastas and cheese cracker combinations.
$16 +tax

SUGARBUSH WHITE: Our lightly oaked semi-dry Riesling has essences of light and crisp green apples & grapefruit and nice mineral finish . Also pairs well with seafood and spicy Asian cuisine.
$14 +tax

VIDAL BLANC: The clean fruity floral characteristics of semi-dry Vidal Blanc pairs well with seafood or pasta with cream sauces, as well as poultry dishes.

TRAMINETTE: This off-dry aromatic varietal reveals delicious floral, spice and tropical fruit flavors. Pairs well with sausage, fine cheeses, fruit dishes, and zesty recipes.
$14 +tax

MARECHAL FOCH: This light, fruity unoaked red with hints of tart cherry and a wonderful cracked black pepper finish pairs deliciously with grilled meats.

RED MAPLE: A unique dessert wine made with red grape wine with a maple infusion. Fruity with a maple finish, leathery notes, and lots of fun! Pairs well with a cheese plate or a stand alone after dinner dessert

SUGARBUSH NECTAR: A delightful white grape wine with a maple infusion, our signature dessert wine is fruit forward with a smooth maple finish on the palate. Pairs well with fruit and many sweet desserts, or can stand alone as an after dinner dessert wine.
$20 +tax

*MAPLE AMBROSIA: At long last, a taste of heaven on earth! This 100% maple wine is smooth, well balanced, and worth the wait. Pair this heavenly drink with soft cheese or apple pie, or savor a glass after dinner.
$30+ tax

*CANDY APPLE: Our apple-maple ice cider is a beautiful marriage of the sweet-tart blend of apples and the delicate sweetness of maple. An exquisite dessert wine, Candy Apple pairs nicely with warm apple pie with a slice of sharp Vermont Cheddar!
$40 + tax

NOVEMBER, 2010: Our current wine list includes our two dry whites, Sugarhouse White (dry Riesling) and Pinot Gris. Three semi-dries round out the white wine selection, including our Sugarbush White, (lightly oaked semi-dry Riesling), Vidal Blanc, and Traminette. Our red, Marechal Foch, is a wonderful varietal red aged in stainless steel with a nice cracked black pepper finish. And of course, Sugarbush Nectar, our maple infused white grape dessert wine, continues to be an integral part of our wine selection. Our maple infused apple ice cider, Candy Apple, is sold out for this year, but will make a come-back appearance next fall. There’s lots of activity in the vin cave, with an apple wine, maple wine, and several whites and reds getting happy in their cozy tanks. Stop by and taste some wine when you are in the neighborhood- we’d love to see you!

AUGUST, 2010: Our early 2009 wines are bottled and ready! Our current wine list in our tasting room features 3 whites and 2 dessert wines. The whites include our Sugarhouse White, which is our dry Riesling. Our Sugarbush White is a semi-dry Riesling, and our Viognier rounds out our current selection of white wines. A Gewurztraminer is soon to be released as well. Our first dessert wine, a maple infused apple ice cider, combines the wonderful tartness of local apples with the incredible sweetness of our estate maple syrup. And last, but certainly not least, is our Sugarbush Nectar, which is our maple infused white grape dessert wine! Being sugarmakers for over 20 years, we couldn’t resist marrying our two loves- maple and grape wine, into a splendid dessert wine which has enjoyed fabulous reviews in the tasting room!

Speaking of the tasting room, could you ever imagine that you could taste wine in a real Vermont sugarhouse? Our beautiful timber framed sugarhouse is home to not only our maple production equipment, but a section of the sugarhouse is devoted to wine tasting! We believe we are the first licensed wine tasting room in a sugarhouse in the state of Vermont- again, it made sense for us to work from a space on the farm that we know and love so well.

Our wines from the Fall 2009 harvest are getting very happy in their aging tanks and most are ready to bottle and enjoy! The whites include a dry Pinot Gris, a semi dry Vidal Blanc, and an exquisite Traminette that we are totally in love with! Our Cayuga White is the late bloomer of the whites, and we anticipate it will be ready later in the year. And yes, we did produce a wonderful red this year called Marchel Foch, which is unoaked and has wonderful notes of cherry on the finish. For dessert wines we will continue to have available our Sugarbush Nectar, and are thrilled to announce the addition of our red dessert wine, called Red Maple. Stop by the tasting room to sample the fruits of our labor!